I remember being 276 lbs, although I always carried myself high and kept a smile on my face, eventually things became difficult and I could no longer get up my loft style stairs to get to my bedroom without losing my breath and feeling defeated.

I even remember a time when going down the stairs caused me to slip and my automatic response was to grab something, causing me to tear my rotator cuff and causing me so much more pain and medical expenses.

I had to go to acupuncture and see an orthopedic. They recommended having surgery, but I knew I wasn’t in good enough shape to recover from a surgery like that in the heath condition I was in.

I set forth in natural remedies and also decided it was time to get to the gym. I started to lode weight and got myself down to 215 lbs (but that wasn’t the breaking point). I remember going back up once again after this.

This was the moment I discovered that I could surrender myself to my mind an make the necessary changes I needed to make, I had to do the unthinkable!

This was the time that I healed through Easter Medicine and working out. It was the moment Started to do things I thought I was incapable of doing… like running a spartan race, joining a boot camp program and running a mile in 13 minutes.

It’s also the timeshare I decided I wasn’t going to live in the attic anymore and I moved my bedroom back downstairs.

This was the time in my life that Had to commit to making a changed to stop letting my mind control me. It also really worked for a while- until life continued to happen to me and I fell to the victim role in getting shit done!

This was truly the first time that I started to listen to what was playing in my head. The constant repeating negative thoughts, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, or that I would never achieve something. I had allowed my mind to tell me how to behave, what to say and what to think. I lived in constant fear, I barely had any go to friends, and Never really got outside my house to do anything “dare Devilish!” For one of the first times in my life I knew I had to make a powerful shift and change my thought patterns, Had to surrender my mind to all of my thoughts and replace them with new beginnings, new techniques and CRAZY GOOD AFFIRMATIONS!

I say crazy affirmations because I wasn’t a believer then. It took some time for me to really feel comfortable in telling myself I was physically fit when clearly I was not. But it took me completely outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to become more comfortable in what I was doing in my every day life. If you would have asked me five years ago if I would be where am today, I’d probably look at you a little cray and tell you…


I have learned that we have powerful minds and that we are capable of achieving our goals if you just believe in yourself and the people around you will come to you in the moments of need. The right people will be put in your path to assist you in where you need to be. They will help you along the journey and become lasting footprints on your soul.

You have the POWER over your MIND! You do not even need to believe it right now, you just have to tell yourself you do, in order to gain the POWER!

When you get to the end of your rope, and you feel so overwhelmed... that is the moment that something has to give. A shift has to happen and you have to decide on your goals. Where do you want to be 5 years from now, or heck, one year from now? How do we get there? I promise there is no one simple answer. It's a ton of different variables, but having a place to be accountable, people to cheer you on and the right head space is the first steps.

What really helped me was writing things down. Putting them to paper and visualizing it. Write yourself a letter... from the future. What does she say, what does she do? Keep that letter with you are read it often! Start telling yourself you ARE worth it.

If you want accountability or you want to challenge yourself, join Transformational Weight Loss Support on Facebook! This is a great accountability group filled with so much love, support and knowledge and it's only GROWING! If you need more assistance, hiring a coach is also a great way to get that kick in the ass and the support! TWL 90 Day Reboot is a great place to start, with group support and weekly coaching calls!

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