Small Acts of Kindness

This, this, this! I do not think I can stress this enough, whether it's paying it forward at the coffee shop, lifting your head high in the high school hall way and saying hello to every student, giving someone a huge hug, or saying thank you with some Hershey kisses and a card... it all goes a long way. If you do this, I promise that it will come back to you!

If you are struggling with idea's here are my top 10:

Start with a big smile and end the day with one too

I know smiling for may people does not come naturally and can be difficult... but I swear it produces a smaller chin line. If you start and end your day happy, this can be an infections thing and you may have the opportunity to uplift others! Plus it feels really good!

Forgive Others

I know by now you have already heard that harboring feelings or resentments doesn't do you any good and it allows the other person to have control. I am not going to say anything different! If you are able to role with the punches and forgive others, you are giving yourself love and allowing yourself to move on. Now forgiveness is different from forgetfulness and you can totally distance yourself from others after giving forgiveness!

Do Not Litter Your Trash

Take care of the environment. Treat it well. I often get upset and frustrated when I see people carelessly litter. Is it seriously that difficult to hold onto it until you find a garbage? Where I live, we have a busy highway in front of our house. So many people just throw their garbage out of their window with no care in the world. I remember when my daughter was 4-5 years old and picking up the trash and yelling at people as they drove by. It really upsets both of us to see people not caring for Mother Nature.

Please, oh please... hold the darn elevator & door

Can I tell you this is probably a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate when someone sees me coming for the elevator and you can see them pushing the button, only to find out it wasn't the one that reopens the door. When I was very heavy, I felt doors were not held open for me either, like I was invisible. However, now that I am thinner, I often have them help open for me. I think it's just common sense to take an extra moment out of your day to hold a door open for someone and SMILE at them!

Bring or Brew Your Coworker a Cup of Coffee

Just doing something for someone else feels great! That said, take the time to figure out how they like their coffee! Not everyone takes it the way you do! If they don't drink coffee, take the time to figure out what they do like and grab that for them once in a while! Make sure you deliver it with a huge smile and a thoughtful comment as well! You will be surprised as to how much this can impact your day and theirs!

Allow Someone to Merge in Traffic (the easier driving will be- Mrs. Road Rage)

How many of you HATE letting someone in while trying to merge into a construction zone, or right after an accident and the traffic is backed up. I often think to myself if everyone was a bit nicer on the road, then we wouldn't have so many merging problems. If you aren't in a rush (which really when are we ever really in a need to be in a RUSH) then take the time to let some cars in! I can promise you this also feels good and it allows for you to be that merger next time! Positivity always has a way of finding us.

Offer to Babysit for a Parent Who May Need a Night Off

I am still waiting for this magical momma to arrive and be like, "Tina, I got you. Go get a pedicure" If you are in town with single momma's or maybe you are married with kids... this is a great way to give back to someone else and have them return the favor too! Free babysitting pool, way cooler than a money pool!

Make a Meal for a Friend (This is One of my Favorites)

I often make extra food. I love calling up a friend or even my mom to let them know that I made extra and then go deliver it to them. I really enjoy doing this most with soup. I love sharing my cooking with others and I also really enjoy seeing my friends smile and being grateful. I also love when they bring me goodies in return too!


I was approached several years ago to assist in finding students who would be interested in building a tiny home with a group of men building. I was intrigued by this opportunity and stepped into the project whole heartedly. I found myself volunteering over the summer, seeing the project come along and being completely captivated by the changes in the students. I also had no idea that a summer of volunteering would transform my career into something more meaningful (for me) and allow me to place students in opportunities like this throughout the school year. I went from a school social worker to a community organizer within the school system (and found much more joy in what I was doing).

One small act of of kindness can open the pathway to a lifetime of happiness - Tina Dierna
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