Out with the old, in with the new

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I'm not saying you need to go Marie Kondo on your life and get rid of everything that doesn't bring you joy... but what I am saying is, have you went into your basement lately?

Just one year ago I lost most of the contents of my basement due to a shitty situation (no literally: crap, poop, feces) or whatever you want to call it! It was the coldest winter nights in December 2018 and my neighbor came over as we walked in our home to let us know his house had backed up with the city septic. 🤢 I walked into my house and was pleased to share that my home smelled amazing and was untouched... until I opened the basement door and found septic, ankle deep in my basement. it destroyed everything it touched.

Little did you know that I had been throwing things down the stairs for nine years, no mans land of collecting things I really didn't need. My overall disbelief, anxiety and panic kicked into high gear. I had to make sleeping arrangements for my daughter and I that night and went to work the next day in panic of how a single mom was going to clean it all!

Ummmm, thank goodness for home owners insurance! This wasn't an easy fix, but at least I had people helping me throw everything out, recording and documenting my losses and moving on. When it was time to move back into our home, I felt a sense of calm come over me. I walked into a clean, clutter free and organized basement.

It was on that day I decided I was was going to make a promise to myself to stop ✋ bringing in the clutter, shopping to excess and living far beyond my means. I also started watching a few different documentaries about minimalism and started to refrain my thoughts to figure out what brings me JOY (a reoccurring word you will find in probably every blog post)! it was by no surprise I would find myself on the weekends cleaning my home and bringing donations by the car full to the local thrift shop. For the first time in my adult life, I was taking back my life and transforming it into the dreams I've buried deep inside my soul. I was always a clean freak as a child and once I bought my own home, that all changed. I wouldn't say I was a hoarder, but I sure like collecting things.

By spring break my home had made a full transformation. My basement was a chill spot to socialize, work out, do my laundry and even work on art projects! My living space transported into a chic cozy place that my friends called welcoming and my loft attic was a great place to host over night guests. My daughters room is in progress (and maybe until she starts adulting) but my room wasn't quite finished!

I remember waking up on the first day of spring break (yep, I'm cool like that: I only work when schools in session). I glanced up at my walls and said, "I hate this color" then next thing I know, I'm pulling my furniture to the middle of the room and pouring my favorite paint color (which I have stored in the basement) into a pint pan and I'm painting my walls. By night fall I feel happy!

I didn't stop there! I spent the entire break transforming my bedroom into a safe haven for myself! A magical place to allow my thoughts to run wild! I mean, it caused many panic attacks and may have taken five friends to help me! By the end of the week I had new furniture and a newly finished floor!

Maybe I should have started with the floor. This was the project of the century! I went to one of those big contract stores, you know (Home Depot) and discussed the situation. I walked out with floor paint and some other materials. I probably didn't follow the label (because I'm more of a Larry Enticer kinda person) and instead of painting just a small area, I paint the whole thing. When its all dry I start to move my furniture in the room. I instantly feel my feet sticking to the floor, so I pick at it with my fingers and but to no ones surprise, I end up with a peeling floor. OMG!!! Please picture the little mermaid blowing her hair out of her face. So, here I am, in a panic yet again and unclear of what I should do. I find myself at the machine rental store, renting a sander (or two). I get home and start sanding my floor. long story short, I needed two people to assist lifting this said machine in and out of the car and I think I defeated the purpose of painting my walls and doing my trim white!

This was quite the break from school, twelve days later, I had a finished bedroom. It wasn't what I at all expected out of it. It was only a dream come true! Some people would become enraged or upset. I just ran with it, allowed the sander to take me where it wanted me to go (quite literally) and worked with what I had. Wondering if you would have done the same thing?

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