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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I bought a home ten years ago. I absolutely hated it... as in HATED IT, and secretly fantasized about its demise. Horrible, right? I won't go too far into the backstory of why I bought the home, just know I was pregnant and needed sustainable and affordable housing. I divorced four years ago and started doing renovations. Who'd a thunk, knocking down a wall, putting in an electric fireplace and a barn style bathroom door would really change my prospective on the place! Along with this I added some more flare to my bedroom, backyard, and my kitchen which is probably a whole other post!

Our home is lived in, we are located in an inner city country vibe town, with a lot of artistic culture and boutique shopping. We have a great nightlife scene with local breweries, restaurants and shops all within 1.5 miles of the home.

Farther from us we have endless hiking trips, mountain top views, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds all for swimming, boating or exploring. Within 25 minutes there are multiple day trips to other towns.

This community has so much to offer! For a full list of things to do while in the Kingston area check out Tina's Guidebook on AirBNB. I take pride in sharing my home and my town with guests!

Why the Macaw House, you ask? I'm a licensed social worker and I've had a lot of time to reflect on my life. I really regretted buying this home, until one day I woke up and decided I was going to make it what I needed to find my inner happy! 10 years later and I've created a safe haven for my friends, family and community. My spirit animal happened upon me when I decided to paint the front yellow and turquoise. It brought a lot of attention to the space and got the nickname "the parrot house!" My family, in particularly my older sister, voiced her distaste with the chosen color pallet. However, I I tend to be a nayslayer, and continued to walk the murky waters of creating an eye catching place! If you ask me, it worked!

The Macaw symbolizes rising, the ability to do something well, and attracts attention while doing it. Oh hey, that sounds a bit like me... and my home! Macaws are bright, bold and outspoken. They are performers and communicators; the ability to lead many is a natural instinct. The unique flair and skills plant the seeds of inspiration in others. The intense and unique color is equivalent to our skills and should allow us all to create a new vision for yourself and others. They are among the endangered species, which truly speaks to their rareness. Being unique in this way means fewer people within your niche can provide what you have to offer.

When I started on the path of creating my space and making it appeal to me, I never thought it would become a place that allowed me to speak up and show up and captivate an audience and create a beautiful story that has empowered many. I made this bold move to just be my beautiful self as I was (believe me, it was not easy and I have been saturated in fear). However as a Macaw does, I pulled from my color palette to create a new world for myself, daughter and others. I have learned that there is no need to outside yourself for inspiration as this comes from within and as you tune into what truly brings you JOY!

The Macaw wakes up with the Sun and flies off early in the morning to search for food (productive by nature). Creating a time line, a schedule and doing important tasks first thing in the day lead to having the end game in mind! As the Macaw does to promote growth, they drop seeds as they eat throughout the forest, so why not spread the inspiration everywhere you go?

I am not “too loud” or “too much”. If anything, this is one of my qualifying gifts to take on the world and go overboard! If I have one piece of advice for you, it is to speak up more often because we could benefit from your unique viewpoint, we all have it within us.

To learn more about the Macaw City House and the unique dwelling that we call home, visit our AirBNB online!

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