I had moved up to Kingston, NY when I was 22 out of college and jobless to move in with my mom. I then found a house to rent and eventually I would leave to rent a small apartment more affordable.

I got a great job working with the county as well.

Things were going great but I had learned I was pregnant and my apartment was growing mold, my showers were scolding me and I couldn't put my baby at risk.

I ended up back at my moms house living in the basement. She decided she was going to build me an apartment, not knowing I was expecting.

At 24 I wasn't really sure what to do or say to anyone about expecting my first and only child.

I finally told my mom and she put me in touch with the first time home buyer program. I went through some great classes with them and started searching for homes.

I eventually found a small home that I wasn't in love with, but it was in the right budget. I needed 3,000 for closing costs.

So I saved for a few months and closing ended up getting postponed each week. Weeks turned into months (March-October to be exact). I was ready to give up and look for something else.

I finally got the call October 2, 2009 that they were ready to close on my house.

Later that day I went to the bank, closed on my house and got a check from the bank BACK in the amount of 3K ( what I had put down).

The first time buyer program also paid for the repairs to my house and had a Lien on it for 10 years.

The evening that I bought my home, I would go in labor with Gia.

I recovered at my mothers house, but only for a few days and then I got to nesting in the house.

By day 6 after my cesarean birth I was painting my home.

I bought my home for 92K... a cute little thing in the ruff... over the ten years I turned it into my little sanctuary, where I don't live over my means and I don't have insane house bills.

10 years later I ended up having my Lien removed from the first time buyers and I was even able to refinance at a lower interest rate.

When we were looking for comps in the area the banks told me they were going for 160-180K.

I'm sitting on a lot of equity right now in the market... and that feels like a great investment!

PS- ask me if I love it and I'll tell you a bit more!

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