Be Thankful Everyday

If you can find at least 5 things to be thankful for each day and write them down, you automatically send the universe the message of thankfulness. It could be the worst day of your life, thus far, but finding the good, the joy in each day is so important. I have a bestie from childhood, we stay in touch and see each other from time to time. She has undergone great loss in her life, the kind of loss you would never wish on anyone... and yet she finds the time to be thankful each day and finds the beauty in what she has been given. She is my idol! Just find the joy and state what you are thankful for, even on the day's it seems unbearable to do.

Start Your Day With a Gratitude Meditation

One of the best ways to start your day is through meditation or affirmations. I have an awesome playlist on my phone for the day. Before you even get out of bed or cruise your social media sites, I suggest you hop onto a guided meditation (It really only takes 10 minutes to do). Set the alarm earlier and get to it!

Keep a Gratitude Journal

When I first started my quest to find happiness and to be thankful for all that I have, I started with the Secret. Which really scratched the surface about the law of attraction and gratitude. I started to keep a journal of all that I could find gratitude in. It turns out, you can find gratitude in almost every situation, even the troubling ones! This takes a lot of practice of course and doesn't come overnight!

Say Thank You More Often

I can not say this enough. Giving thanks, automatically puts out those feel good feelers into the universe and shows your appreciation. Go overboard with the thank you's, give hugs if you can and high fives... while you're at it SMILE more!

Use Positive Language

In addition to saying thank you, if you start to shift your overall language and start to keep your conversations (in your head to yourself and with others) upbeat and positive you will automatically shift where you are and raise your vibes!

Appreciate All That You DO Have

We often shift our focus to what we do not have, what we want and get lost in the blackhole to all that we are missing out on. Start focusing on all that you have in your life. Shifting the focus will allow you to bring more into your life that you can appreciate. If you are constantly fixated on what you don't have how will you ever shift to all that you do already have?

Reflect on All the Positive Before Bed

This is a something that I heard recently and it really sunk hard. I don't usually fall asleep to the TV, I go to bed in my thoughts. Sometimes not positive ones, on those nights my dreams are wild. If you make time each night before you put your head on your pillow to reflect on all the positive moments of the day, you manifest more positivity into your life through the unconscious dream state!

Cool Your Temper With a Gratitude Inventory

Feeling angry, anxious, depressed, stuck in the pits or MORE? In the moment, before you go over the deep end in frustration or anger it's a good time to take a gratitude inventory. STOP what you are doing... hold yourself still and go through the list of all that you have in your life right now to be thankful for and what makes you happy! Hopefully all that good stufffff makes you feel a bit better and you just cooled your temper!

Fake it Until You Make it

This is probably my golden rule in every aspect of our lives. You can literally use it for all aspects of your life! Fake it until you make it! If you are having a difficult time finding things to be thankful for or to unfunny yourself... You simply just need to fake it. Keep telling yourself it's all good, you are happy, things are positive and GREAT... because eventually you will believe yourself!

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