Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

I am not sure I can say this enough times. Repeat after me 20 times, "I am my own individual person and I care about my own well-being!" Far too often we find our-self comparing our lives to others. We are looking at our social media accounts in fear and jealousy what others have or have not. We compare ourselves to the best versions of other peoples lives... you know the ones who take a clipped, filtered, and retaken photo at just the right angle for the 50th time and then post it! We want to present ourselves in the best way possible, but we don't share the captured selfie that we took at just the right angle 40 pictures ago where the guy we were blocking, clocks us in the head with his merse because he couldn't get through the space while our hand was in the way! BTW- while we compare ourselves to others, Karen is over here comparing herself and her pathetic life to our amazing one that we just posted about on social media!

1.Awareness and Stoping Yourself Dead in Your Tracks

This is art that many of us need to practice and learn. It's not something that just comes naturally. I find myself scrolling through FaceBook at times looking at other people's lives and then I think, lock my screen and put my phone down. I can not be bothered with looking at other people's lives and thinking, Why Me or Why NOT Me. Become aware when you are doing it and stop doing it right in the moment. This goes for online or in your regular day to day activities.

2.Be Freakin' Grateful for All That You Have

If you are taking the time to be happy about all that you have (which means you have already read all my other blog post up until this one and have an understanding about being thankful in life) then you shouldn't have to really worry about others and you should be able to find the joy from within. If you are struggling with this, a simple ten minute gratitude meditation or some positive affirmations should cheer you up!

3.Be Strengths Based

The strength-based approach allows for a person to see themselves at their best. You need to see the value within yourself. You need to see the value you bring, by just being YOU!! Once youare able to approach situations with value in yourself you are able to focus on your strnghts rather than your weaknesses!

4.Imperfection is Uniqueness

If you are coming from the strength based approach then you are also taking all your imperfections and considering them unique gifts! You may also find that those characteristics are needed or complements others you surround yourself with. We are all imperfectly perfect!

5.Don't Put Others Down

So you jumped on the ban wagon and riding it through. You have started comparing yourself to others, can't seem to work your way through it and now, you are putting others down. This is what we do when we feel insecure about ourselves and we are unable to find the beauty from our own unique selves... so be really aware when you go shooting other people down. Don't be a hater!

6.Think About The Journey

Everything we have gone through has been a part of who we become, the journey we have ventured on. If you are so quick to hate it or yourself, it's time to dig a little deeper into the reasons and awaken yourself from the victim role! You can take your journey and view it in a pessimistic way, finding faults with nearly anything. Or you can rise above and find positivity in everything and rise above, creating something special for yourself!

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