Are You a Single Momma Who Likes to Travel?

If you are a single momma who likes to explore your city, state, country or the world... I have a place I like to call home! You should come on this magical journey with me. I found this amazing Facebook group online a year ago. Little did I know that I would become a member of their elite inner circle of tons of other single momma's all over the world, but I would also catapult into my own online business, blogging and plan a six week trip to another country!

What this group has given me, is something I really can't explain in words. I can do it in pictures, long stories, chats with moms face to face, laughs, zoom calls, movie nights and much more.

In the Single Moms DO Travel (SMDT) group we pool together as a community of single momma's who do not accept the narrative that single mommas CAN'T DO. We basically DO... A LOT and we are in control of our own story! Many of us are just starting off to create our journey. Some of us are rewriting it and editing it along the way! We believe we are in control of our own story, our own destiny and we cultivate that drive by being EMPOWERED single mommas.

We stand together and hold each other accountable in a nurturing and loving way! Did I mention- I have never actually met these women face to face... but when I speak of them, I talk about them as if they are my family because we are co-creating our dream lifestyles.

The SMDT group is so much more than just a TRAVEL group.

We are ALL single mommas wanting to be surrounded by like minded women. We are either working towards, working on or experts in refuse to accept the societal rules that have held us back for hundreds of years.

Our core beliefs come from bringing values to the forefront that we are not limited in our abilities to travel, parent and have everything we want! We are either working towards, working on or experts in know that together we can overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding us back from creating our ideal lifestyles.

I say "we are either working towards, working on or experts" as I once was just working towards shifting from my comfort zone. When I first joined the group I was working a full time job (and still am) and telling people how I WANTED to travel. The key word here... WANTED. It wasn't until I used the group as a resource to gain voluble information about traveling and identifying locations from the mommas within to decide where, when and how I was going to make this all happen!

Our amazing leader, Amoya Shante, the founder of Single Moms DO Travel has an amazing story to tell. I have luckily gotten to know her throughout the course of a full year and I am honored to say that she is someone I consider a friend and mentor. I walk beside her and many other women who have come to the group for assistance and love. In addition to all this I have found my amazing single mommas crew, something I was missing in my home town and I have connected with other single mommas all over the globe! I have made deep connections to many women who all have the same mindset. We love being support to one another and I can not imagine life with out them! They motivate me in achieving all my dreams!

Amoya has started an Inner Circle from the SMDT Facebook group. In In this space we enjoy conversations and the ability to communicate with one another everyday. We plan out activities and have special bonus features and unlocked abilities to network with one another, promote one another's businesses and plan out our meet ups and vacationing together! You currently have an opportunity in the month of June to try our membership for free by clicking on the Inner Circle! Be sure to also join our Facebook SMDT Community and follow Amoya's adventures on YouTube!

In the Inner Circle we have a lot of activities each month with a calendar full of zoom events, Netflix movies, book clubs, classes and courses and the best part is... you just have to be a single mom with some interest in travel and open to the ideas of living your best life!

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