About Your Coach

Tina Dierna

Tina Dierna is a Licensed Social Worker in the state of New York.  She is a Transformational Weight Loss Coach and finds the works she does to be rewarding!  She also has an interested in helping women advance in their careers.   She is a high vibe person who loves to motivate others, assists in transformation and accountability.   As a professionally trained and certified School Social Worker, Tina has spent the last five years working along side high school students to develop their character, career exploration and work as a one to one transitional coordinator. 

Tina has a history of being a Yo-Yo weight gainer, losing weight and putting it back on.  However, 5 years ago she made the decision to change her mindset, relationship to food and become more active in her day to day activities.  She takes what she learned throughout the years of her battle with weight loss issues to implement it in the work she does with others who are similarly to where she has been.  With her knowledge, compassion and understanding, she makes the perfect coach for someone who wants to transform their life!

Tina obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology and human services with a concentration in counseling and criminal justice from Mount Saint Mary's, Newburgh, New York.  She went on to work with families at the local Social Services Agency. While there, she studied and obtained her Masters of Social Work from Adelphi University, Garden City, New York.  She continues to focus her energy within Community Organization.  Tina has assisted in piloting several grassroots organizations within her community, serves as a consultant, and sits on several organizational boards and committees.

Tina has traveled around the United States and several foreign countries.  She enjoys immersing herself in other cultures.  She has an upcoming six week trip scheduled for the summer to visit Merida, Mexico to study abroad!  This trip was delayed until Summer 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation.  During her travels she will volunteer in local organizations and learn their native language to better assist the Hispanic Community residing in her home town.  

Tina is new to the blogging and online coursework, however she has over ten years experience coaching adolescents and adults. She enjoys dancing in her free time, dorking out to the latest self help books and makes a mean margarita with just the tequila and rocks (HAHA)!

Tina is a single mom to an energetic daughter on the Autism Spectrum. They are often found at the local swimming spots, roller blading rink and in the garden!  They tend to hibernate in the winter!  Tina's daughter is camera shy, but when she does make an appearance, her smile can light up the world!